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Skylar Grey CMXXII :: ‘I Need a Doctor’ Remix by La La Anthony x Poppy Montgomery x Skeet Ulrich – Instagram x Dubsmash, 17-JUL-2015 | Video

While on set filming for the A&E television drama Unforgettable, actors La La Anthony, Poppy Montgomery, and Skeet Ulrich filmed a Dubsmash of themselves performing their version of Ms. Grey‘s Dr. Dre x Eminem collaboration “I  Need a Doctor”!

The Dubsmash is in two parts – check out both below via La La Anthony‘s official Instagram below, and be sure to give the videos a Like or Comment if you enjoy them.

“I Need a Doctor” Remix | Dubsmash/Instagram ::

A video posted by LaLa (@lala) on

A video posted by LaLa (@lala) on

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Skylar Grey DCCCXLVI :: Tori Amos Performs ‘I Need A Doctor’ Hook Live – Portland, Oregon, 18-JUL-2014 | Photo+Video

During a live concert at the Portland Zoo in Portland, Oregon this past Friday (July 18), Tori Amos performed a live piano mash-up, interweaving the lyrics of Aerosmith‘s “Dream On” and Ms. Grey‘s I Need A Doctor hook!

A fan taped the 6-minute live performance, which you may watch below – also check out a photo of the full setlist (photo via Tori Amos‘ Facebook).

Tori Amos – “Dream On/I Need A Doctor” | Video+Photo ::

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Skylar Grey DCCLXXXIX :: 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards Interview w/ – 26-JAN-2014 | Video

Next up in Ms. Grey‘s 56th GRAMMYs interviews is a red carpet piece which sees her discussing her Michael Costello dress and who she might like to take a GRAMMYs selfie with.

You may watch the 2-minute clip via the official GRAMMYs YouTube below!

Skylar Grey – Red Carpet Interview | ::

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Skylar Grey DCCLXXVIII :: Beats by Dre CES After-Party – 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show, 9-JAN-2014 | Photos

Along with appearing at Variety‘s Breakthrough of the Year Awards last Tuesday (January 9) to perform live and receive her 2014 ‘Music Up Next’ Breakthrough Winner award, Ms. Grey was also seen chilling with Dr. Dre at the Beats by Dre after-party at the Light Nightclub at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The after-party was also a part of the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Zimbio has published a few photos from the event, and you may view two of them below – click either photo to view the complete Zimbio gallery.

Skylar Grey @ Beats by Dre After-Party | 2014 CES ::

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Skylar Grey DCCXXXV ::’s 10-Segment Interview Series – 2013 Edition | Video

As with their 2011 interview series, has included Ms. Grey in their 2013 online interview series! This series features 10 segments, with topics including first hearing herself on the radio, defining herself, DON’T LOOK DOWN, being a GRAMMY-nominated artist, her muse, music saving lives, and ‘….why do you think music exists?….’.

View the entire 10 segment series via the official GRAMMY YouTube channel below!

Skylar Grey – 10-Segment Interview Series | GRAMMY ::

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Skylar Grey DCCXXX :: DON’T LOOK DOWN Album Release Event w/ Steve Madden Music – Interview+Live Footage, 9-JUL-2013 | Video

Steve Madden Music, who hosted Ms. Grey‘s DON’T LOOK DOWN album release party at The Box in New York City on July 9, have now released several videos covering the event!

Check out some interview footage with Ms. Grey (conducted by Allison Hagendorf), as well as live footage, including a full performance of Ms. Grey’s collaboration with Travis Barker and Big Sean, “Back from the Dead” (the official music video for which is coming soon)!

DON’T LOOK DOWN Album Release Party | Steve Madden Music ::

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Skylar Grey DCCXXV :: Interview w/ Stereotude’s John Howard – 29-JUL-2013

“….“that was the most empowering thing I’ve ever done in my life….it made me feel like I was capable of anything”….”

Stereotude has published a Skylar Grey interview, within which John Howard and Ms. Grey talk about her not re-watching her 2011 GRAMMY‘s performance with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Adam Levine, and Rihanna, what her dual-axe logo represents, and representing herself to her fans and listeners.

The interview feature also covers Ms. Grey’s July 25 DON’T LOOK DOWN Summer Tour stop at The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles – check out the first section of the feature below, and click Steretude’s logo to view the full piece!

Grey Survived the Music Industry and the Wilderness | Stereotude ::
“….in 2011, Wisconsin-native Skylar Grey became a name that music listeners started paying attention to in a big way. It was the Grammy Awards, she was singing with Eminem, Rihanna, Dr. Dre and Adam Levine, and it was hailed as the performance of the night.

But Grey, whose new solo album Don’t Look Down dropped on July 5th, doesn’t dwell on the moment. In fact, she won’t even go back and rewatch it.

“I honestly don’t think that I did a very good job,” she tells Stereotude. “I was so worried after the set that I had ruined it.”

She attributes the major turning point in her life and career instead to a stretch she spent living in a cabin in the woods of Oregon after some label woes related to earlier material she had released….

Grey came out of the experience with a catalog of songs, including “Final Warning” which is featured on the new album and “Love the Way You Lie, which Rihanna would later sing on and go on to become Eminem’s bestselling single. More importantly, she emerged with a new sense of confidence.

“That was the most empowering thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she says of living cut off from civilization. “It made me feel like I was capable of anything.”….”

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Skylar Grey DCCXX :: Interview w/ Monochrome Effect’s Dana Getz – 22-JUL-2013

Just prior to her July 22 stop in Nashville on her recently-completed DON’T LOOK DOWN Summer Tour, Ms. Grey did an interview with Dana Getz for Monochrome Effect – this interview covers Ms. Grey’s reaction to her DON’T LOOK DOWN album topping the iTunes albums charts, the intensity of topics touched upon throughout the album, and first learning to deal with less than honest industry types early on in her career.

Check out the intro as well as some excerpts from the interview below, and click Monochrome Effect‘s logo to view the full-length piece!

Skylar Grey Interview | Monochrome Effect ::
“….seven years ago Skylar Grey didn’t exist. She was a distant figment of Holly Brook’s imagination, stifled by a handful of untrustworthy Hollywood big shots and a mediocre set of melancholy acoustic tracks. But after years of patience and several months in a desolate Oregon cabin, a poignant pop princess emerged, pronouncing herself Skylar Grey and leaving Holly Brook far behind in the woods.

Grey has since released her debut album “Don’t Look Down” with the help of executive producer Eminem—a far cry from her 2006 record “Like Blood Like Honey, released under her birth name Holly Brook.

“The response to my album has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know it would even chart, let alone be number two on iTunes, so it’s been crazy to see,” Grey said.

The album shares some difficult personal stories, including financial woes, unexpected pregnancy and domestic violence.

“I don’t understand any other way of making music, it’s all personal to me,” Grey said. “It’s therapeutic.”

Though “Don’t Look Down” is her first major label studio album, Grey is no stranger to the music industry. She co-wrote Eminem’s Grammy-nominated “Love the Way You Lie” with English producer Alex da Kid, and her vocals have been featured on hit singles such as Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go, Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor” and Lupe Fiasco’s “Words I Never Said.

Despite her success in songwriting, the music industry hasn’t always been kind to the 27-year-old Wisconsin native, who first moved to Los Angeles in 2003 when she heard of a music convention she believed could kick-start her career.

“I grew up in a town where everyone was true to their word, and if anyone did anything shady the whole town heard about it and they were blacklisted,” Grey said.  “So when I moved to L.A. I guess the biggest culture shock was that there was a lot of shady people, and I was naïve about it because I thought everyone was trustworthy. So I got into some shit.”….”

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Skylar Grey DCCXIX :: Live at Schubas in Chicago – Gowhere Hip Hop Documentary, 21-JUL-2013 | Video

Gowhere Hip Hop has just published their interview/documentary feature, taken from live performance and interview footage filmed by Gowhere at Ms. Grey‘s July 21 DON’T LOOK DOWN Tour stop at Schubas in Chicago, Illinois.

Along with the documentary video itself, check out Gowhere‘s introduction to the piece, as well as their line-up of topics covered within the sit-down interview below. Also check out the track list of songs featured in the piece on by clicking the title below, and be sure to rate their article 5-stars!

Live at Schubas in Chicago – Interview | Gowhere Hip Hop ::
“….there is more to Skylar Grey than being a wonderful singer and songwriter. She has a wide range in her personality and music that are both seen in our interview and in her performance at a sold-out Schubas earlier this week.

After getting the chance to talk with Skylar and experience the concert in such an intimate setting, I became even more of a fan and further appreciate her artistry, complexities, authenticity, and overall style. Watch our new documentary style production above, in what is one of my favorite interviews to date….”

Skylar Grey reveals:

– the influence of hip hop on her music and album

– the first hip hop album she ever bought

– a new story about working with Eminem on the album

– her first reaction to Lupe’s direction on “Words I Never Said”

– the different personalities that are conveyed on the album

– what “Gowhere You Love” means to her

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Skylar Grey DCCXVII :: Exclusive Interview w/ – 24-JUL-2013

Toronto-based writer Nick Krewen recently conducted an exclusive interview with Ms. Grey for – entitled Blue Skies Ahead for Skylar Grey, the interview covers re-entering the music industry, creating her own sound, and finding the right record deal.

Read the introduction as well as excerpts from the interview below, and click the GRAMMY logo to view the full-length write-up!

Blue Skies Ahead for Skylar Grey | ::
“….if at first you don’t succeed, try a pseudonym. That’s what Wisconsin native Holly Brook Hafermann did in 2010 when she emerged as Skylar Grey and garnered two GRAMMY nominations, including Song Of The Year for co-writing Eminem and Rihanna’s 2010 smash “Love The Way You Lie. She subsequently earned another three nominations in 2011, including Album Of The Year for appearing on Rihanna’s Loud. But Grey’s career path hasn’t been a straight line.

In 2004 she signed a deal as Holly Brook with Machine Shop Recordings, co-owned by Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson of Linkin Park, and subsequently toured with GRAMMY winner Duncan Sheik in 2009. She also opened for k.d. lang, Teddy Geiger and Jamie Cullum, among others, but decided things weren’t working out professionally and withdrew from the music industry to figure her life out.

Released on July 9, Don’t Look Down is Skylar Grey’s debut album under her current moniker. In an exclusive interview with, Grey discussed her new album, the necessity of reinvention, exploring different genres of music, and what it was like performing with Dr. Dre and Eminem at the 53rd GRAMMY Awards in 2011.

When did you get your album deal?
I came out of the woods after
“Love The Way You Lie” happened and I got to work with Dr. Dre, T.I., Lupe Fiasco, [and] Diddy — and all these amazing people came to me asking for songs. I also got to perform on the [53rd] GRAMMYs with Dr. Dre and Eminem. Because I knew a lot more about record deals at this point in my life, I held out for the right deal. I didn’t actually sign the deal until after the GRAMMY performance.

Your new album covers quite a wide pop range. How did you become so versatile?
I think it just comes from my background [in] music. My mom was a folk singer and Celtic harpist. My dad was in a barbershop quartet and my great grandma was an opera singer. As I grew up, I discovered pop music and Top 40 radio, but it was in the ’90s, so music was very different then — it was really lyrical. I listen to SiriusXM satellite radio and Lithium, the station, because it’s all like the ’90s grunge stuff, which is my [favorite]. I met Shirley Manson and Butch Vig [of Garbage] this past year and, I don’t know, maybe something will happen there. I would love to work with them.

When did you discover hip-hop?
The first time I had any interest in it was when I bought Eminem’s 
Marshall Mathers LP in the ’90s. When I heard “Stan” I thought, “I could do something like that at some point — collaborate with a rapper.” There are a lot of rap fans who don’t necessarily like other types of music, and vice versa, so I was thinking, if you can combine two totally different genres, maybe you’d be able to convert some people. That was my vision. I’ve always been jealous of rappers, because they can fit so many words into a song and tell a story with lots of details. But when you’re a songwriter, you have to fit the words to the melody and you can’t fit as much in. I’m just a big fan of storytelling.

When you were planning to record Don’t Look Down did you have a choice whether to make it hip-hop or pop?
I always wanted to have mainly mid-tempo hip-hop beats, but the way that I treat them, it ends up not being hip-hop. [It’s] kind of my own genre, I guess.

Is this how you envisioned your return?
Yeah, it is. I found I just learned what to do and what not to do the first time around and I’m making sure that it doesn’t fail again. It seems to be working….”

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