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Skylar Grey CXCV :: The Guardian’s ‘New Band of the Day’, July 28

UK national daily news publication The Guardian has picked Ms. Grey as their July 28 New Band of the Day featured artist. Longtime Guardian contributor Paul Lester had the following to say about Ms. Grey….

Dark is the new black … Skylar Grey | The Guardian ::

Hometown: Wisconsin.

The lineup: Holly Brook (vocals, piano).

The background: New? Not as such, no, but she’s one those who we’re imagining might be New to you. And anyway, this is a rebirth of sorts. See, Skylar Grey has something of a pre-history and a CV splattered with illustrious names. Still only 25, she has been performing and recording for at least a decade, having first been one half of a folk duo with her mum called Generations. The came a solo career under her birth name of Holly Brook that didn’t amount to much, even if the failure did afford the acoustic naif a healthy dose of angst to fuel the next stage of her career. It was only after the jejune Wisconsin kid moved from Los Angeles to Oakview, California – renting a room in a house infested with black widow spiders and working as an editor of porn videos – and assumed the alias Skylar Grey that things started going in her favour. She began dressing like Marilyn Manson’s depressed little sister (she and the gothfather are, in fact, now chums), and penning pain-wracked hits for the great and good.

One of them, Love the Way You Lie, did rather well for Eminem and Rihanna, becoming the biggest-selling single of 2010. She also co-wrote P Diddy’s top five single Comin Home and Dr Dre’s UK top 10 hit I Need a Doctor, selling 1.5m singles in the UK and more 10m worldwide. More stats: she wrote the chorus to the Eminem/Rihanna track in a quarter of an hour, and it apparently took Eminem even fewer minutes to dismiss the suggestion by one of the producers on Dre’s long-awaited Detox album that Lady Gaga should do the vocals for I Need a Doctor, at which point he ever so politely insisted that it would be Skylar or no one.

Like Emeli Sande, Grey’s a behind-scenes pop writer for hire, as well as one of a new breed of tortured/ twisted female recording artists (see also: Niki and the Dove, Oh Land, Kyla La Grange and Lana Del Ray). Can she make the transition to pop star? She makes a decent fist of it in the video to Dance Without You, which posits Grey as a Stateside Anna Calvi or Zola Jesus lite. Set in a mental asylum, it shows our heroine as the wracked actor in the padded cell, all disturbed and dishevelled. Dark, clearly, is the new black. But who is the high priestess of this latest angst wave? Is it Polly Harvey? Siouxsie? Alanis? While you’re pondering that, allow us to tell you that Grey recently performed for the Dalai Lama, that Russell Crowe invited her via Twitter to go with him to a Prince gig, and that the aforementioned Mr Manson came up with the punny title of her forthcoming album, Invinsible, not to be confused with the single which precedes it, Invisible. The former is her watchword; the latter seems unlikely.

The buzz: “Thanks to her head-turning, raven-haired good looks and her voice, which is equally honeyed and icy, Grey is more than just a blip on our radar” –

The truth: She’s not going to remain Invisible for long, she looks Invinsible to us, etc.

Most likely to: Be invinsible.

Least likely to: Be invisible.

What to buy: Her single Invisible is released by Universal on 15 September, and is followed by the album Invinsible.

File next to: Emeli Sande, Oh Land, Kyla La Grange, Niki and the Dove.

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Skylar Grey CXC :: Upcoming “Invisible” Remixes | Video

Ms. Grey’s lead INVINSIBLE  single “Invisible” is set to be released in August, and mentions of several remixes have been creeping up around the internet – the list of remixes revealed so far is as follows ::

* Dirty South Remix
* Mihell & Pinkfinger Remix
* Kaskade Remix

You can also listen to a :90 preview of the Kaskade Remix in the background of a new Kaskade promotional video, released by ClubStation earlier today (July 27) – stream it via YouTube below!

Skylar Grey – “Invisible (Kaskade Remix)” Preview | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey CLXXXVII :: “Invisible (Dirty South Remix)” Previews | Video

As was mentioned a few times on twitter by Dirty South, as well as by Ms. Grey herself, there’s an official remix of “Invisible” by Dirty South slated to be released sometime in the near future.

You can view several YouTube clips of the track being played live – the first is by Dirty South, while the second is by Dutch DJ/producer Tiesto.

“Invisible (Dirty South Remix)” Snippet by Dirty South | YouTube ::

“Invisible (Dirty South Remix)” Snippet by Tiesto | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey CLXXXVI :: “Invisible” Single Release Date, August


Due to the recent changes in the official release date for “Invisible”, SGN is going to refer to the release date as simply being sometime in August – we apologize for any confusion.

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Those of you who have signed up for the official Skylar Grey Newsletter may have seen that today’s edition revealed that the final confirmed release date for “Invisible”, the lead single off of Ms. Grey’s debut album INVINSIBLE, is set to be August 2!

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, you can stay up-to-date on everything Skylar Grey by signing up for the official Skylar Grey Newsletter by clicking “Invisible”‘s artwork below.

Official Skylar Grey Newsletter | ::

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Skylar Grey CLXXXIV :: Photo Shoot Behind-the-Scenes | Video

You can now check out a special behind-the-scenes video from a Skylar Grey photo shoot, where you can see Ms. Grey in various costumes and on several themed sets, talking about the musical journey that is her upcoming INVINSIBLE album. Watch the video below!

Skylar Grey – Photo Shoot BTS | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey CLXXVIII :: Exclusive Interview w/ HipHop DX

HipHop DX has just released an exclusive Skylar Grey interview, talking about the sound of her album, how hip-hop has affected her, and the collaborations that appear on her upcoming INVINSIBLE album. Read an excerpt below, and click its title to view the full-length interview!

Exclusive Skylar Grey Interview | HipHop DX ::
“….once Skylar’s presence was felt on Grammy Award winning and chart-topping songs, the list of rappers knocking on her door has been endless. She will be appearing on upcoming Hip Hop projects still. However, her best experience thus far has been with Dr. Dre. “Dr. Dre’s one of the nicest that I’ve met in the music industry, in all genres,” Grey says. “He’s very chill and super sweet and gracious. I was very impressed with him as a person.”

Along with Dre, Skylar has Eminem to thank for her continued success, even going to bat for her when she penned the hook to “I Need a Doctor” and the label attempted to swap her vocals for Lady Gaga’s. “Somebody in the room suggested we get Lady Gaga to sing the hook on ‘I Need a Doctor’ and [Eminem] stood up for me and said no, because he wanted to keep my voice on the song,” she says. “That was a big thing for me because had I not kept my voice on ‘I Need a Doctor,’ who knows where I’d be right now.” She continues, “After the Grammy Awards performance of that song, alot of things changed for me. It really changed my life. It provided a great platform for me, and I’m forever grateful for Eminem and Dr. Dre.” Skylar revealed that she had 6500 more Twitter followers in the immediate minutes that followed that fateful Grammy performance. While “I Need a Doctor” is the only Detox-related track she appears on, Skylar has her own A-list rap collaborations coming up on Invinsible….”

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Skylar Grey CLXXV :: Confirmed “Invisible” Radio Release Date, August 2

All Access Music Group has revealed that “Invisible”, the first official single off of Ms. Grey‘s upcoming INVINSIBLE album, will officially hit Top 40 radio stations on August 2!

Make sure to mark down the day and call up your favorite radio station on the drop date to request that they play the song!

Skylar Grey – “Invisible” Drop Date | All Access ::

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Skylar Grey CLXXIV :: “Right Hooks” Interview w/

AllHipHop has posted a rather lengthy interview with Ms. Grey on their website – read a few of the Q&A’s below, and click the interview’s title to read the full-length interview!

SkylarGrey: Right Hooks | AllHipHop ::
Think Skylar Grey, and think an uber-soulful, White girl that today’s top Hip-Hop rappers and producers want to collaborate with. What you might not know is that Skylar, at a low point in her life not too long ago, actually lived in the woods and was on the brink of destruction.

Those solitary, dark moments may have been exactly what she needed to feed the creative beast within her. caught up with Skylar Grey recently to find out how she re-emerged, why Eminem made her break into tears, and what drives her as a “heavy hook hitter”: Wow, OK, well I know you were signed at a young age. I kind of liken artists like you to being old souls just waiting to be discovered. These days, how have you managed to transition through those tough times and get back to making good music?
Skylar Grey:
The good thing about having all of these bad experiences is that it’s really good inspiration for music. Everybody in the world has bad experiences, and so I think that the songs are based on experiences that people can relate to.
And then, you know, writing “Love the Way You Lie” for Rihanna and Eminem, I was still living in the woods when that happened, so I was a lot stronger as a person at that point. I was taking care of myself, and I had Pro Tools and figured out how to record my music, so I was really self sufficient at that point. I was still in Oregon, so “Love the Way You Lie” came out and basically my life did a 180.  Specifically for [’s] audience, which is sort of a young to mid-aged Hip-Hop audience, they know you for these super, heavy-hitter collaborations that you’ve had with some Hip-Hop giants. What do you think it is about you that has drawn them to want your amazing hooks on their songs?
Skylar Grey:
I think it’s just partially the fact that it’s different. Not a lot of people with my background probably attempted to work in the Hip-Hop industry, and so the fact that it’s a different combination of things…everybody’s looking to have a new, fresh sound and a unique thing to do. The hooks that I was doing at the time didn’t sound like anything that anybody was doing. So, I think that’s part of it.
It’s also kind of completely unexplainable, because when I did “Where’d You Go?” that was also a Hip-Hop track, technically. That was not connected to any of this new Hip-Hop stuff. Like I said, I changed my name, and I came back into music, and they didn’t know that I was that same girl. So it was separate and the fact that I got embraced twice like that from the Hip-Hop community is weird to me, and I can’t explain it…especially because I don’t have a Hip-Hop background in my youth. But I think it’s that diverse contrast of my style with Hip-Hop.
The culture of Hip-Hop is a lot of sampling sounds, so they would sample a lot that’s not from Hip-Hop, you know? I think, to me, that’s what makes Hip-Hop really cool. It’s outside of the box. It always has been. So it’s like finding a cool, new sample that makes it fresh-sounding. That’s what Hip-Hop’s always been about…and expression through lyrics. I’m jealous of rap sometimes, because I can’t fit all of those words into my melodies. With melodies, I have to fit a certain amount of syllables, and with rap, it’s like you can really say a lot. They have a lot to say, so it’s cool to be able to collaborate like that.
Eminem was actually the only Hip-Hop album I bought – the Marshall Mathers LP when I was younger. I hid it from my parents because I didn’t want them to know I had it! [laughter] That’s funny! OK, well, I want to run through a few of your collaborations and get your take on how they went down. First, people think that you wrote B.o.B.’s “Airplanes, which was a huge single.
Skylar Grey:
No, I actually didn’t write “Airplanes. Do you realize there are lots of people who think that’s you?
Skylar Grey:
People confuse it because Alex the Kid did that, and right after “Airplanes, “Love the Way You Lie” came out, so they probably think the singer is the same person. Alex produced “Airplanes,” but it was a pre-existing song that he found or something, that some other Hip-Hop group did or something. He basically reworked the hook into a new track and gave it to B.o.B. So, I don’t know, it wasn’t originally from Alex the Kid. Then he met me and realized that I write hooks that were more in that vein, we just kept going on that tip. You were nominated for a Grammy! So, do you write songs with the hope of being applauded by the critics, or is it strictly for the love of the fans and good music?
Skylar Grey:
I don’t even think about it. I don’t think of any of that stuff. What I do is, when I’m writing, I just do whatever feels good, and it’s all based on my instincts. If it feels good to me, it will probably feel good to somebody else. Whether that’s a critic or a fan or another artist, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about moving people. That’s what music is all about. So I don’t need Grammys. It’s obviously flattering to be nominated for a Grammy, but I don’t need that in order to feel successful. I feel more successful when I make somebody cry from writing a song.”

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Skylar Grey CLXVI :: PopCrush Interview+Alex Da Kid Interview | Video

PopCrush just posted up a brand new interview recently conducted with Ms. Grey – check out part of the interview below, and click its title to view the full interview!

Skylar Grey Interview | PopCrush ::
Your voice deserves to be heard, since it’s so haunting and icy. And by icy, I mean it in a good way!
I like icy. It’s about making good art. I don’t have a voice like people in the pop industry and you can’t make me have a different voice. I will just create art. Here’s my thing: Alanis Morissette didn’t sound like anyone when she came out. It sounded like alternative music. Then, being on the radio, it turned into pop music, which changes over time. Pop music is an ever-changing, evolving thing.

‘Invinsible,’ at first glance, is confusing as a title, but upon a second look, it’s a thought-provoking and intentional word and spell play. How did you come up with it?
‘Invinsible’ spelled with an ‘s’ was Marilyn Manson’s idea. I was talking to him about how I am not invisible anymore. That’s how I once felt and there are songs that explore that weakness factor, but at the end of the album, Skylar Grey is strong and invincible. I spell it with an ‘s’ since one word encompasses that journey. I was like ‘Yeah, thank you’ to Manson.

Are you still actively writing songs for other artists or are you on hiatus?
I am taking a break from it. There is not enough time in the day and I don’t have enough energy. At some point, I will for people again but I will be really selective. I don’t have a dream to be Kara DioGuardi. That has never been my dream. I would rather do some film scoring with someone.

Alex Da Kid also posted Part 1 of a 2-part interview with Pensado’s Place that he shot recently. He talks working on Skylar Grey tracks several times, including mentioning that the mix of “Invisible” that was premiered on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show last month was essentially a demo version, and the final album version will be mixed differently. His interview starts at the 19:40 mark below.

Alex Da Kid Interview | Pensado’s Place ::

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Skylar Grey CLV :: Billboard Magazine Review “Invisible” | Photo

Billboard Magazine has a review of Ms. Grey‘s debut single “Invisible” in their July 2nd issue – click the photo below to download the full-size scan!

Skylar Grey Single Review – “Invisible” | Billboard Magazine ::

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