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Skylar Grey DLVII :: 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Red Carpet Interview | Photos+Video

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards are currently taking place tonight (February 10) in Los Angeles, and Ms. Grey has made her red carpet appearance – view a set of screenshots, watch her red carpet interview, and lastly also watch her new video upload to Keek, shouting out her dress and jewelry makers, as well as her hair and make-up stylists for the night!

Skylar Grey @ 55th Annual GRAMMYs Red Carpet | Photos+Video ::

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Skylar Grey DLIII :: Free Myspace Live Performances by Skylar Grey & Emeli Sandé, 11-FEB-2013 | RSVP+Live Stream

ChapStick Sessions is presenting a free Myspace Live show on February 11 (Monday), whereat Ms. Grey and Emeli Sandé will both be performing live!

The performances will be hosted at the Key Club in Los Angeles, California – check out the flyer below for full details, and click it to RSVP for the event.

The full event will also be streamed live on!

Skylar Grey & Emeli Sandé – Myspace Live | RSVP ::

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Skylar Grey DXLIII :: NOH8 4-Year Anniversary Party ReCap, 12-DEC-2012 | Video

Prop8 Films just released a short video recapping the December 12, 2012 4-year anniversary of the NOH8 Campaign at the Avalon in Hollywood – the event featured a live performance by Ms. Grey with Thavius Beck, along with performances by LeAnn Rimes, Kerli, Jamar Rogers, and DJ tyDi.

The video features some footage of Ms. Grey performing on-stage with Thavius Beck, and you may watch it via YouTube below!

4-Year Anniversary Party | NOH8 ::

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Skylar Grey DXLI :: Interview Feature w/ Music Choice Now | Video

Music Choice On-Demand, who have previously featured Ms. Grey performing several songs in their Live Undefined program, have released another MC Now video, spotlighting artists to look out for in 2013. This video focuses on Ms. Grey and Kendrick Lamar, with Ms. Grey’s interview starting at 2:10.

Watch the full Rosie Noesi hosted feature via Music Choice On-Demand below!

Skylar Grey Interview | Music Choice ::

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Skylar Grey DXL :: ‘Don’t Look Down’ Photoshoot Behind-the-Scenes by AOL Music | Video

AOL Music has released a brand new, exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Ms. Grey‘s recent photoshoot for her Don’t Look Down album! The shoot was conducted with photographer David Roemer and fashion stylist Julie Ragolia, and showcases the environment created for the upcoming album’s visuals, along with Ms. Grey explaining how they connect to the sound and lyrics of her music.

Read AOL Music‘s comment regarding the video, and watch the exclusive video via their blog by clicking below!

Album Photoshoot | AOL Music ::
“….in the video, the chanteuse sports a woodsy, rugged look while still maintaning a polished, elegant look. “I’m kind of going for axe murder chic, she jokes. From posing on an abandoned couch in a floor length cocktail dress while sipping a beer to shots of the singer with a dangerous looking hatchet in a laundry room — the shoot is certainly unique. Don’t Look Down is executive produced by Eminem and set to drop sometime in 2013 through KIDinaKORNER Records and Interscope Records. For now, check out the exclusive video below….”

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Skylar Grey DXXXVIII :: Myspace’s OneTwoWatch: Skylar Grey | Video+Banner

Myspace Music has uploaded a brand new video featuring Ms. Grey, the newest in their OneTwoWatch feature series – she talks about how she hopes to inspire people through her music and artistry, what kind of content her Don’t Look Down album will contain (as well as playing a few previews from the record), and the kind of environment she likes for writing her music.

Watch the full 5-minute feature via Myspace below, and click the banner to read the OneTwoWatch article!

OneTwoWatch: Skylar Grey | Myspace ::

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Skylar Grey DXXXV :: Exclusive “Obsessed with Skylar Grey” Interview w/ Popdust Style | Video

Popdust Style just released their Obsessed with Skylar Grey video interview feature today (January 2) – Ms. Grey talks in the video about her style, including her admiration of Gwen Stefani and Kate Moss‘ styles, how she mixes and matches to make her own look, and even shows off her 1957 gold Rolex watch, as well as expressing her love for Timberland shoes.

Watch the video in full via Popdust Style below!

Obsessed with Skylar Grey | Popdust Style ::

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Skylar Grey DXXX :: MLive Detroit’s Interview w/ “C’mon Let Me Ride” Director Isaac Rentz, 19-DEC-2012

The music video for C’mon Let Me Ride was just made available (December 18) to purchase on iTunes, and MLive Detroit‘s Eric Lacy interviewed the video’s director Isaac Rentz about filming the video in Detroit, what the process working with Ms. Grey and Eminem was like for him, and how they picked the location for the video shoot.

Read the interview in part below, and click the article title to access the full-length version!

Interview w/ Isaac Rentz | MLive Detroit ::
“….What’s it like shooting a video in Michigan?

I had a great time in Michigan. It’s a beautiful state and we were there right in time for the Tigers playoff run. My crew caught me up on Detroit baseball in between takes.

How did you know that trailer spot was the spot? 

I picked it after seeing a few spots around Detroit. I instantly fell in love with it. If my wife would let me, I’d totally buy a summer trailer there.

Did Eminem share any childhood memories of living in trailer parks?

He definitely cracked some trailer park jokes. He kept things really light and fun on set. He was making jokes with the crew and goofing off for the behind the scenes camera.

What do think Eminem could do to help Skylar Grey’s career?

I think Eminem and Skylar feed off of each others’ energy and creativity really well. They’ve had a lot of success working together the past few years, so it’ll be exciting to see what they do with her new album….”

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Skylar Grey DXXVIII :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” w/ Eminem Music Video on iTunes | Buy

The Isaac Rentz-directed music video for the brand new Skylar Grey feat. Eminem single C’mon Let Me Ride has now been made available to purchase on the U.S. iTunes!

Be sure to rate, review, and buy the video – click below to view it in the U.S. iTunes store.

“C’mon Let Me Ride” Music Video | iTunes ::

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Skylar Grey DXXIV :: VEVO’s “C’mon Let Me Ride” feat. Eminem Behind-the-Scenes | Video

VEVO has released an exclusive, extended behind-the-scenes video showing more footage of the C’mon Let Me Ride music video! This clip features Ms. Grey, Eminem, actor Noah Segan, and director Isaac Rentz all discussing their working on the video, Eminem talking about how he feels about working with Ms. Grey, Ms. Grey rapping Eminem’s verse from the track, as well as her attacking one of them on set.

Watch the video in full below!

“C’mon Let Me Ride” BTS | VEVO ::

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