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Skylar Grey DXXXV :: Exclusive “Obsessed with Skylar Grey” Interview w/ Popdust Style | Video

Popdust Style just released their Obsessed with Skylar Grey video interview feature today (January 2) – Ms. Grey talks in the video about her style, including her admiration of Gwen Stefani and Kate Moss‘ styles, how she mixes and matches to make her own look, and even shows off her 1957 gold Rolex watch, as well as expressing her love for Timberland shoes.

Watch the video in full via Popdust Style below!

Obsessed with Skylar Grey | Popdust Style ::

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Skylar Grey DXXX :: MLive Detroit’s Interview w/ “C’mon Let Me Ride” Director Isaac Rentz, 19-DEC-2012

The music video for C’mon Let Me Ride was just made available (December 18) to purchase on iTunes, and MLive Detroit‘s Eric Lacy interviewed the video’s director Isaac Rentz about filming the video in Detroit, what the process working with Ms. Grey and Eminem was like for him, and how they picked the location for the video shoot.

Read the interview in part below, and click the article title to access the full-length version!

Interview w/ Isaac Rentz | MLive Detroit ::
“….What’s it like shooting a video in Michigan?

I had a great time in Michigan. It’s a beautiful state and we were there right in time for the Tigers playoff run. My crew caught me up on Detroit baseball in between takes.

How did you know that trailer spot was the spot? 

I picked it after seeing a few spots around Detroit. I instantly fell in love with it. If my wife would let me, I’d totally buy a summer trailer there.

Did Eminem share any childhood memories of living in trailer parks?

He definitely cracked some trailer park jokes. He kept things really light and fun on set. He was making jokes with the crew and goofing off for the behind the scenes camera.

What do think Eminem could do to help Skylar Grey’s career?

I think Eminem and Skylar feed off of each others’ energy and creativity really well. They’ve had a lot of success working together the past few years, so it’ll be exciting to see what they do with her new album….”

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Skylar Grey DXXVIII :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” w/ Eminem Music Video on iTunes | Buy

The Isaac Rentz-directed music video for the brand new Skylar Grey feat. Eminem single C’mon Let Me Ride has now been made available to purchase on the U.S. iTunes!

Be sure to rate, review, and buy the video – click below to view it in the U.S. iTunes store.

“C’mon Let Me Ride” Music Video | iTunes ::

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Skylar Grey DXXIV :: VEVO’s “C’mon Let Me Ride” feat. Eminem Behind-the-Scenes | Video

VEVO has released an exclusive, extended behind-the-scenes video showing more footage of the C’mon Let Me Ride music video! This clip features Ms. Grey, Eminem, actor Noah Segan, and director Isaac Rentz all discussing their working on the video, Eminem talking about how he feels about working with Ms. Grey, Ms. Grey rapping Eminem’s verse from the track, as well as her attacking one of them on set.

Watch the video in full below!

“C’mon Let Me Ride” BTS | VEVO ::

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Skylar Grey DXXIII :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” feat. Eminem Buzz, Pt. II | Video

With the music video (released December 11) now having so far reached 3.8 million views, being both one of VEVO‘s Top 4 Trending Videos today (December 14) and VEVO‘s 3 Hot This Week videos, Ms. Grey‘s current single C’mon Let Me Ride feat. Eminem has been spreading all over the internet.

Check out VEVO‘s Hot This Week video, and read more of the buzz surrounding the single and video below!

Hot This Week | VEVO ::

Video: Skylar Grey | HipHop-N-More ::
“….Grey finally premieres the official video for her brand new single featuring Eminem. Skylar makes her seductive prowess to full use while Eminem returns to his Shady ways by covering Queen’s ‘Bicycle Ride‘. The catchy song is available on iTunes now….”

Grey Rides With Eminem | AceShowbiz ::
“….the rising music star teams up with the Detroit emcee in poking fun at the hyper-sexualized culture of today and releases this homage to Queen’s ‘Bicycle Race’ video….what happens next is complete mayhem….”

Grey & Eminem Are Naughty | Zimbio ::
“….the clip is all over the place and focuses on Grey’s playful-sexual side with a little help from Eminem. She rocks a number of outfits and plays various roles all while riding different bicycles. Just take a look for yourself!….”

New Video: Skylar Grey | ::
“….welcome to the rural trailer park community of Detroit in “C’mon Let Me Ride, the new video from singer/songwriter Skylar Grey. Co-starring Eminem, the two artists welcome us into their on-screen daily wacky world on the back roads of Michigan….”

Grey Releases “C’mon Let Me Ride” | GossipCenter ::
“….taking aim at the hyper-sexualized culture of youth in America today, Skylar Grey has released a music video for her song….sarcasm comes through pretty song as the video shows a scene of her playing Dr. Grey, a shady plastic surgeon whose results are only slightly exaggerated from what can be seen around Hollywood.

Making sure that fans don’t take her seriously, Skylar adds, “There’s one scene in the music video where I’m dressed up in this pink polka-dot swimming suit with a pink background, pink nails, a pink bicycle with an ice-cream cone on the back of it and it’s totally girly — and not me at all. I think that’s clear, because that scene happens over the bridge of the song, where I say, ‘I’m only f—ing with you, and f— you for thinking it’s true, and that’s when I have the pink polka-dot thing on, so it’s saying, ‘This isn’t really me.….”

MUSIC VIDEO | Def Pen Radio ::
“….Grey and Eminem shoot a fun filled video for her new single C’mon Let Me Ride. Glad they both can come together and show their comical sides….”

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Skylar Grey DXXII :: Grey Talks ‘Musical Rebirth’ w/ FUSE | Video

FUSE have let loose a second video today (December 14), this time on their website, of Matte Babel interviewing Ms. Grey. This clip covers her evolution into Skylar Grey, what she was last in the Fuse studios for 7 years ago, and what the first thing she bought with her first paycheck from Love The Way You Lie was.

Stream the video via the official FUSE website below!

Matte Babel Interview Skylar Grey, Pt. II | FUSE ::

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Skylar Grey DXX :: Grey Talks Eminem Relationship w/ FUSE | Video

After their exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Skylar Grey feat. Eminem C’mon Let Me Ride music video, FUSE has released another video – this video features Ms. Grey talking with FUSE‘s Matte Babel about her relationship with Eminem, how he’s contributed to, and been involved with the making of her upcoming Don’t Look Down album (dropping this coming Spring), as well as addressing the rumours regarding what their personal relationship entails.

Check out the video below!

Matte Babel Interviews Skylar Grey | FUSE ::

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Skylar Grey DXVIII :: “Coming Home, Pt. II” Live by The X-Factor USA’s Top 4 | Video

On tonight’s live episode of The X-Factor USA (December 13), the show opened with a group performance of the Top 4 contestants – Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony, Emblem Three, and Tate Stevens all performed Ms. Grey‘s Coming Home, Pt. II together, also adding in a Diddy verse from the Diddy-Dirty Money version of the track!

Check out a video of the live performance via YouTube below.

“Coming Home, Pt. II” by The X-Factor USA‘S Top 4 | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey DXV :: Behind-the-Scenes of “C’Mon Let Me Ride” w/ FUSE | Video

While Ms. Grey was filing her just-released music video for “C’mon Let Me Ride”FUSE filmed some behind-the-scenes footage of the Isaac Rentz-directed visual, which they have now posted on their YouTube!

Watch the video below, and snatch a copy of the single on iTunes!

Skylar Grey & Eminem - “C’mon Let Me Ride” BTS | FUSE ::

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Skylar Grey DXIV :: MTV Buzzworthy Review+Interview w/ MTV News | Video

With the Skylar Grey feat. Eminem “C’mon Let Me Ride” single and music dropping yesterday (December 11), MTV has published two new articles – one being a review by Jenna Hally Rubenstein of the new music video for MTV Buzzworthy, and the other being an interview with Ms. Grey by Nadeska Alexis for MTV News.

Read excerpts from both articles below, watch the interview video segment from MTV News, and click the title of each article to read them in full.

And if you haven’t already, grab a copy of the single on iTunes!

Grey is Queen of the Trailer Park | MTV Buzzworthy ::
“….in the kitschy clip, Skylar is the queen bee of the trailer park. Not only does she spend her days looking hot in a flannel shirt (no easy feat), she tools around said trailer park riding a bike with handles that are actually antlers. Zero exaggeration whatsoever. When that’s done, Skylar goes all Christina Aguilera ”Your Body murderess” on us as she tries to sabotage a group of cliquey trailer park blondes by locking them in a tanning machine. Skylar’s good pal Eminem comes ’round to hang shortly thereafter, and not only does he playfully sing the song’s hefty sample of Queen’s 1978 hit “Bicycle Race, but he spits his own verse while, you guessed it, riding a bike. It’s a totally bizarre world of bikes, bikinis, and trailer park fun we never knew existed, and we never would have expected to learn of it from Skylar Grey. But she definitely pulls it of, and we would maybe even consider going to her trailer park for a weekend getaway if we had our own mobile home. With a lock on the door….”

Interview w/ MTV | MTV News ::
“….if it weren’t obvious from the lyrics that she’s mocking our highly sexualized culture (“If you got a sweet tooth, you can taste my watermelons”), that’s made clear in her new video, which also features Eminem.

“I’m poking fun at the overtly sexualized aspect of everything in this world today, Grey told MTV News. “The video is a combined effort between director Isaac Rentz, me and Eminem, and we just wanted to make sure it was very clear that it’s a sarcastic song.”


“Eminem stands on my side when it comes to that stuff, she said of her decision to parody contemporary culture. “He used to be really silly back in the day with his Slim Shady stuff, so he’s definitely got a good sense of humor, and it’s fun to see him on set and in front of the camera”….”

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