Skylar Grey CDXXXVI :: Kaskade’s “Freaks of Nature Tour” Trailer | Video

Kaskade has released a :90 promo trailer for his upcoming Freaks of Nature Tour, which starts in May. The promo prominently features Kaskade’s “Room For Happiness” collaboration with Ms. Grey, and you can stream it below!

Kaskade – Freaks of Nature Tour Trailer | YouTube ::

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Skylar Grey CDXXXV :: Kaskade Talks Grey w/ The Hollywood Reporter | Video

A new video has been released of Kaskade talking with The Hollywood Reporter - he talks about how the EDM scene has changed over the last few years, as well as his collaboration with Ms. GreyRoom For Happiness.

Kaskade Talks Skylar Grey | THR ::

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Skylar Grey CDXXXIV :: M Music & Musicians Magazine Article

Amanda Farah has just published a Spotlight article that she wrote for M Music & Musicians Magazine online – the article gives readers who aren’t yet familiar with Ms. Grey an introduction to her, and you can check out an excerpt below.

Skylar Grey – Spotlight | M Music ::
You know her voice from hip-hop hits—now it’s time to get to know her

Not many artists rack up four Grammy nominations before releasing a debut album, but Skylar Grey’s career has hardly followed a traditional path. After writing hits and singing hooks for acts like Eminem, Dr. Dre and Lupe Fiasco, Grey is preparing to release her own debut album, Invinsible. “Being a songwriter is a great life, but I can’t imagine ever leaving behind recording,” says Grey. “If I was just a songwriter I would lose my love for music very quickly, because it would suddenly feel like such a job.”

The upcoming Invinsible embraces hip-hop beats, a more alternative pop sound and a fresh approach to the recording process. “In the past, I was a bit anti-new technology and recorded everything with real instruments on tape. I thought that making music with computers was cheating,” Grey says. “But I got over that once I started hearing people making some incredible music with computers.” Casual fans still know Grey’s songs better than they know her name, but she doesn’t regret her indirect introduction to pop radio. “I am very grateful for the success that writing for other people has brought me.” She says. “But being an artist is what I live for.”

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Skylar Grey CDXXXIII :: Live at LAVO w/ DJ Vice, Haute Living | Photos

Haute Living has posted an article, along with a few photos from Ms. Grey‘s appearance with DJ Vice at LAVO Nightclub in Las Vegas last night (Sunday, March 4), where she celebrated the success of her single “Invisible”. LAVO also surprised Ms. Grey with a special birthday cake – check out photos of the cake, as well as Ms. Grey performing below, and also read an excerpt from the Haute Living article!

Skylar Grey Live @ LAVO w/ DJ Vice | Haute Living ::
“….on Saturday Skylar Grey was spotted dining at Tao Asian Bistro ordering Demon Slayer Sake and sushi before hitting the nightclub.

The next night she celebrated the success of her hit single “Invisible” at Lavo Nightclub’s Vice Sundays. The singer songwriter and a group of friends dined in the restaurant before heading up to a VIP booth in the nightclub. Grey made a stop in the DJ booth and danced with DJ Vice as he laid down the beat and kept club-goers dancing. Cameras filled the air as the singer stunned the crowd with a flawless medley of songs including “Coming Home,, “Room for Happiness” and “Invisible. Skylar thanked Lavo resident DJ Vice and the crowd and exclaimed, “Let’s keep this party going.”

Having also just celebrated her 26th birthday last week, Grey was surprised with a belated birthday cake adorned with the artwork from her single….”

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Skylar Grey CDXXXII :: Grey Writing for The Band Perry’s New Album, ABC News Radio

ABC News Radio has reported today (February 28) in an article regarding country/pop trio The Band Perry recording their new album, that none other than Ms. Grey has written material for them! You may remember that The Band Perry has performed Ms. Grey’s version of “Love The Way You Lie” live on several occasions, including at the 2011 CMT Music Awards.

The band expects to release the album this Spring, and you can check out the full ABC News Radio article below.

Grey Writes for The Band Perry | ABC News Radio ::
“….The Band Perry celebrated all their recent success on Monday by throwing a breakfast party in Nashville, and that’s when the Grammy-nominated band revealed that they’re already working on their next album with some interesting collaborators, including Sheryl Crow.

Noting that Sheryl has been “a huge influence” of hers, lead singer Kimberly Perry told reporters, “We actually have the opportunity to have a songwriting session with her, which we’re excited about.  It’s been a long time coming.  She’s a hero of ours.”  She added, “I just love, lyrically, she’s so creative and completely unique to herself.  She’s a strong lady.  She’s a fantastic performer.  [I've] always have looked up to Sheryl.”

The sibling trio also said that they’ve also collaborated with Skylar Grey, the singer-songwriter who co-wrote the Rihanna/Eminem smash “Love the Way You Lie” and who was also a featured vocalist on the Eminem/Dr. Dre hit “I Need a Doctor, as well as Diddy-Dirty Money‘s “Coming Home.

“We’re writing with a lot of different people, kinda doing it all over the place,” explains Reid Perry.  The group’s sophomore album is expected to come out later this year.

Copyright 2012 ABC News Radio….”

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Skylar Grey CDXXXI :: G-Star RAW Magazine+Party Like A G-Star, Zanita | Photos

G-Star RAW Magazine and photographer/model Zanita have published a few photos and their accounts of the G-Star RAW opening in Hong Kong last week (February 21), which Ms. Grey also attended.

Click the photos below to access each respective website and view more photos.

Party Like A G-Star | Zanita ::
“….the highlight was the acoustic performance by American singer/songwriter/producer Skylar Grey. I had goosebumps while she was singing her track ‘Love The Way You Lie’….”

Flagship Opening | G-Star RAW Magazine ::

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Skylar Grey CDXXX :: “Room For Happiness” Interview w/ VEVO | Videos

VEVO has just published two interviews, detailing the process and story behind “Room For Happiness”, its video, and how Kaskade and Ms. Grey initially started working together.

Check out both interview via YouTube below!

Skylar Grey & Kaskade – “Room For Happiness” Interviews | VEVO ::

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Skylar Grey CDXXIX :: G-Star RAW Launch in Hong Kong | Photo+Videos

Last Tuesday (February 21), Ms. Grey was in Hong Kong for a photo shoot with Chris Colls and special performance at the opening event for denim/fashion brand G-Star’s debut Hong Kong store, RAW!

Both G-Star and Australian photographer/model Zanita have posted videos from the event – stream the G-Star video below, and access the video provided by Zanita by clicking the following photo.

G-Star RAW Opening in Hong Kong | YouTube ::

G-Star Girl | Zanita ::

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Skylar Grey CDXXVIII :: Interviews w/ STATUS, Hydrogen Mag, Shut Your Pretty Mouth

Magazine publications STATUSHydrogen Mag, and Shut Your Pretty Mouth have all recently released new interviews with Ms. Grey online, which you can read excerpts from below.

To read the full interviews and see a few new and exclusive photos, or download/order physical copies of the issues, please also click the titles below.

Skylar Grey – Blast Off | STATUS ::
We all tuned in to the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards earlier today. And although our Maestro Skylar Grey didn’t perform at this year’s awards, GRAMMYs isn’t new to this star who just added 2 more in her 5-time GRAMMY nominee title….

Usually, new solo artists would give listeners a common sound or treatment in all their songs. I heard Invinsible includes songs with Marilyn Manson and DJ Kaskade—sounds like it’s gonna be pretty eclectic. How should your potential and existing fans prepare for this one?
I hope that my fans will learn to expect the unexpected when it comes to my music. My vocal tone and writing style has a pretty distinct identity, and I do believe that having a cohesive thread throughout an album is important. That’s why I stuck with Alex Da Kid as the producer for most of it. However, it’s boring to be pigeonholed into one sound when there are so many great tools out there for us to use to create art. I always try to push myself creatively and be experimental with sounds.

What about as a person, how eclectic are you? Like is there anything weird about you that people don’t know yet?

That’s a relative question. I like the taste of blood, but vampires don’t think that’s [weird].

Skylar Grey – Grey Skies Blue | Hydrogen Mag ::
If writing could save one’s soul, then Skylar Grey is well on her way to salvation, one beautifully haunting hook and one heart aching lyric at a time….with the highly anticipated album INVINSIBLE giving us a window into the broken path that led Grey to find her inner super hero, the only way is up.

HYDROGEN MAGAZINE: When they say nothing comes easy, you seem to be the embodiment of that. Let’s go back to Mazomanie, Wisconsin, a town so small it didn’t even have a stoplight. What were those years like?
SKYLAR GREY: True story.  Mazomanie technically didn’t have a lot to offer, but I think that lack of distraction is what drove me to focus so hard on my passion.  I was also forced to learn a lot of basic skills that I am really glad I know, such as running the water in the winter so your pipes don’t freeze.

HM: Who were some of your early musical influences?
SG: I’m really influenced by the 90’s. As a kid I would steal my older sister’s CDs, which included Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Fiona Apple, Radiohead, etc.  But I grew up in an eclectic family of musicians, so folk, jazz, Celtic, and musical theater were also a big part of my childhood.

HM: Describe your style. What are the closet faithfuls you dig out everyday and what designers if any are your favorites either to perform in or walk the red carpet in?
SG: I love cutting edge fashion that compliments your personality. Personally, I think it’s sexiest to leave a lot to the imagination, and be comfortably and appropriately dressed for an event. I hate seeing girls in heels that they can’t even walk in, or dresses that are completely dehumanizing. G-Star has dressed me a lot for my performances.  I also love Rick Owens, Thomas Wylde, and Ann Demeulemeester.

Skylar Grey – Misery Is Back | SYPM ::
Collaborations with Eminem, Rihanna, Diddy and Dr Dre have cast her as hip hop’s darling but 20 years after Nirvana’s Nevermind what Skylar really wants is to bring back grunge….

Walking into the room late is a pretty, raven-haired girl, who gives everyone dagger eyes (she relaxes after a cup of tea), and looks a bit like Shirley Manson. Much like her 90s lookalike, Skylar’s performance the night before was effortlessly cool. It was refreshing to hear loud guitars over hip hop beats, a raw and welcome sound in a time when synth seems to be the instrument of choice….

Her video for ‘Dance Without You’ is a nice slab of misery in a sea of hyper-colourful and blingtastic pop videos, cited as being like “the song Garbage never did”, a huge compliment for the girl who wants to see a new wave of 90s grunge inspired pop, like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins. “I feel like I kinda have elements of that 90s style sound mixed in with this new pop, hip-hop combination thing.”….

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Skylar Grey CDXXVII :: Grey GRAMMY Fashion, 2012

The buzz about Ms. Grey‘s fashion styles (by Thomas Wylde, Christian Louboutin, and London’s All Saints) at the 2012 GRAMMYs last week (February 12) made a few critics lists, some of which you can check out below!

Skylar Grey in Thomas Wylde | The Fashion Court ::
“….Grey hit the red carpet Sunday night in a very lacy look that she punched up with a great pair of bright shoes. The “Invisible” singer wore a long-sleeve white lace net dress from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection by Thomas Wylde. It was a perfect fit! I actually really liked this dress on her, but I loved those blood red “Bye Bye” crazy platform pumps from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection by Christian Louboutin. They also matched her deep crimson pout! With sleek black tresses, Skylar’s look was complete….”

Red Carpet Ready Nails | Modoration ::
“….Grey opted for “Red Carpet Ready” red polish as a touch up to keep her nails looking perfect for tonight….”

GRAMMY Awards 2012 Makeup | SmashinBeauty ::
“….Grey Grammy Awards 2012 Makeup was to die for! Very different and gothy! I though that she pulled off the look 100%….”

For Your Consideration | BestWeekEver ::
“….Say Yes To The Dress: Afterlife Edition….”

From The Red Carpet To Your Closet | 312style ::
“….Grey hit the perfect note of grunge + goth + girly on the Grammys’ Red Carpet this past Sunday in a delicate Thomas Wylde lace gown, vampy Christian Louboutin heels and a bold burgundy lip….”

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