Skylar Grey DII :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” Lyric Video Buzz, Pt. II

Ms. Grey‘s Eminem-featured and opinion-stirring single “C’mon Let Me Ride” made its official radio and lyric video debut earlier this week (November 27) – have a look at more of what people are saying below!

Grey’s New Lyric Video | MySpace ::
“….Grey unveiled a brand new single, “C’mon Let Me Ride, yesterday and its accompanying lyric video is nothing short of hilarious. The number, which features Eminem, is a kicky pop song that is basically about Grey wanted to ride someone’s bicycle. You know, someone’s bicycle. The lyric video is pretty literal, offering some amusing visual innuendos and kitchy fun. Which made us think about how most lyric videos are kind of serious. We like this idea of bringing some humor into the music….”

Listen to Skylar Grey | MTV Buzzworthy ::
“….it’s a big week for Skylar Grey fans — not only do y’all get to hear your girl’s brand-new collaboration with Eminem, “C’Mon Let Me Ride, but you also get to watch a lyric video AND check out this VERY DOPE animated single art. We told you — it’s a BIG DAY….The playful track, which features a hefty sample of Queen’s 1978 hit “Bicycle Race, was produced by Alex Da Kid and is a marked departure from Skylar’s moodier material. As opposed to brooding strings and somber melodies, Skylar opts for a vaguely reggae-tinged pop jam, layered with synths and shouty chants that kinda sorta remind us of the “WE!” in Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”….”

[Lyric Video] | EARMILK ::
“….hip-hop’s king of satire Eminem has teamed up with singer/songwriter Skylar Grey once again to poke fun at “overly sexified music, media and the girls who try and imitate it,….“C’mon Let Me Ride” is Grey’s first single off her upcoming debut album Don’t Look Down, and it shows a way more light-hearted, playful side of the Wisconsin-bred singer. Eminem delivers a pretty funny verse and sings the famous chorus of Queen’s “Bicycle Race”….the accompanying lyric video is pretty hilarious and overly suggestive (let’s just be real, it’s pretty raunchy), clearly serving its purpose as a buzzmaker for the actual video, which is set for release on December 11th to accompany the single’s official iTunes release. For every Skylar fan stringing together expletives over the pop-sounding release, Skylar’s stated that “C’mon Let Me Ride” is about as playful as she gets on Don’t Look Down, which is sure to harbor that familiar dark persona on a few cuts….”

Grey Ft. Eminem | The Source ::
“….Eminem assists Skylar Grey on her single from her upcoming debut album Don’t Look Down. The songstress’ album will also be executive produced by her collaborator, Eminem….Shady channels his inner Queen for Skylar’s pop single….”

Skylar Grey “C’mon Let Me Ride” | RnB Music Blog ::
“….Grey is switching things up….“C’mon Let Me Ride” which samples Queen’s 1978 hit “Bicycle Race, is very edgy sound wise and has fun lyrics filled with double entendres that will have some people smiling and others cringing. Either way the satirical song will have fans talking….”

Skylar Grey featuring Eminem | SBSCRPT ::
“….Grey’s usually downbeat and melancholic ambience steps aside for a more spirited and poppy track filled with sexual innuendos. “C’Mon Let Me Ride” features rap legend Eminem and the Alex Da Kid-produced track samples Queen’s “Bicycle Race. It’s a whole new look, new sound for Grey….”

Official Lyric Video | MedleyMag ::
“….Skylar attempts to push the envelope with a sound that differs from records she’s been on in the past. The single features raunchy yet childish lyrics that lack subtlety….Thankfully, the whole song was meant to be a joke. Skylar claims that she wrote this song to expose and poke fun of the overly sexualized lyrics that many of today’s hit records are made of. It’ll be interesting to see if sex– or in this case, satire sells for Skylar Grey….”

[LISTEN] | HipHopWired ::
“….Grey takes on a version of Queen’s “Bicycle Race” and grabs Eminem on this song, “C’Mon Let Me Ride. Eminem, who will be executive producing Grey’s album, lends a verse to the song and playfully impersonates Freddie Mercuryon this remake….”

Eminem Featured on Grey’s New Track | andPOP ::
“….we warn you it’s NSFW….the track, which takes melodic inspiration from Queen’s “Bicycle Race, is schexy right from the start….It’s actually all meant as a joke — a satire of overly sexified music. Get it?….”

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Skylar Grey DI :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” Lyric Video Buzz, Pt. I

Ms. Grey‘s Eminem-featured single “C’mon Let Me Ride” made its official radio and lyric video debut Tuesday (November 27), and both the song and video have caused varied reactions among fans and critics alike.

Check out what some of the blogs are saying about the unexpected release from the two below.

It’s Dumb on Purpose | HitFix ::
“….it’s a joke…. no, really, it’s meant as a joke. It was written as a satire of “overly sexified music, media and the girls who try and imitate it.” Hence the tossed-off effect of the terms “slut,” “bitch” and Em’s dragging-d*ck rhymes….For those who have heard Grey’s previous output and famous songs, then it’s immediately apparent that the song itself is the punchline….What makes “C’Mon Let Me Ride” into dark humor is the fact that you, I and our 14-year-old cousins hear this sort of ridiculousness daily. This anti-thought, anti-women exaggerated sexual nonsense is a norm, and Grey and her production partner are really very good at imitating it…. “

Grey f/ Eminem | Complex ::
“….we’ve become accustomed to Skylar Grey singing over darker instrumentals with heavier song topics. But for her latest single, she tosses all that aside….”

New Music | ::
“….Grey is back with a new look and ready to hit the airwaves in 2013 with a bang….”

Poptropolis | Detroit News ::
“….last month we counted down Eminem’s 40 greatest guest verses, and now he’s got two more to add to the canon….Grey’s “Come On Let Me Ride” is an innuendo-laden dirty pop jam that’s unlike anything we’ve heard yet from Grey, revealing a playful, sassy side to the frequent ballad singer. Eminem makes like Pee-Wee Herman on the chorus and then drops a tongue-twisting verse that is also lighter than his recent output….”

Grey & Eminem | Idolator ::
“….Grey has been a favorite of ours for years now, so we were stoked to hear that she was coming for radio dominance with her provocative-sounding new single….the singsong chorus is infectious as a nursery rhyme, but we’re pretty sure she’s singing about riding something other than a bike.

As promised, Em sings the hook to Queen‘s “Bicycle Race” (in his Pee-wee Herman voice), although thankfully, he drops the shtick for his rap. Maybe it’s just us, but “Ride” feels a little dated, like a late-90s Sugar Ray song or something. Then again, the ’90s are back, so maybe Grey’s got exactly the right idea….”

Grey: “C’mon Let Me Ride” | Jon ALi ::
“….produced by Alex Da Kid, “C’mon Let Me Ride” was mixed by and features Eminem and is a playful pop jam which samples Queen’s 1978 hit “Bicycle Race”….I have to say, I really don’t mind this; it’s fun, catchy, and tongue and cheek…..”

Grey f/ Eminem – “C’mon Let Me Ride” | SoulCulture ::
“….since the blogs got wind of singer Skylar Grey and rapper Eminem getting in the studio together to work on her new album, we’ve been intrigued to hear what would come of the studio session….the playful song sees Eminem not only delivering a verse, but also singing the hook in an almost unrecognisable voice.

The Alex Da Kid produced track features Eminem singing the hook of Queen‘s classic “Bicycle Race” in a cartoon-like voice, but sticks to his usual sound when adding his verse to the end of the song. The radio friendly and catchy song is sure to put Skylar Grey on the radar for her new album release, Don’t Look Down, which is also executive produced by Eminem and will be out in 2013….”

“C’mon Let Me Ride” | DJBooth ::
“….Let Me Ride features a brighter and more pop beat than we’re used to from Alex as he uses Queen’s Bicycle Race for inspiration. Similarly Skylar’s vocals are lighter and more playful than we’re used to hearing…although a schizophrenicly humorous verse from Em is certainly nothing new. If this one has you down to ride with Skylar and Slim Shady you’re in luck….”

Grey featuring Eminem | HYPETRAK ::
“….Grey’s usually downbeat and melancholic ambience steps aside for a more spirited and poppy track filled with sexual innuendos. “C’Mon Let Me Ride” features rap legend Eminem and the Alex Da Kid-produced track samples Queen’s “Bicycle Race. It’s a whole new look, new sound for Grey….”

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Skylar Grey D :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” Official Explicit Lyric Video | Video

The official explicit lyric video for her Eminem-featured and Alex Da Kid-produced single “C’mon Let Me Ride”, which had its radio premier earlier today (November 27), has just been released by Ms. Grey via her official YouTube!

View the full lyric video below, and also be sure to follow Ms. Grey’s official Twitter account to keep up to date as the December 11 release for the official “C’mon Let Me Ride” music video+digital single featuring Eminem, and Spring 2013 release date for her Eminem executive produced Don’t Look Down album both draw closer.

Skylar Grey & Eminem – “C’mon Let Me Ride” (Explicit) | Lyric Video ::

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Skylar Grey CDXCIX :: 2012 Promotional Logos | Photos

The following are two new promotional Skylar Grey logos – click them to download the full-size versions, and spread them around!

Skylar Grey – 2012 Logo Set ::

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Skylar Grey CDXCVIII :: VIBE TV’s AMA After-Party Coverage w/ Skrillex, November 18 | Videos

VIBE TV attended the November 18 AMA‘s (American Music Awards) after party, where they covered the event – they have released several videos of their coverage, including Ms. Grey performing live, interview pieces with Ms. Grey talking about her upcoming Don’t Look Down album, as well as Skrillex commenting on her live performances of the night, and the both of them meeting for the first time during Skrillex’s interview.

Check out the videos below!

Skylar Grey & Skrillex @ 2012 AMA’s | VIBE TV ::

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Skylar Grey CDXCVII :: Beats By Dre Commercial, Banner | Photo+Video

A brand new commercial for Beats By Dre headphones was released today (November 21), featuring footage of several celebrities, including Ms. Grey, showing off their Beats headphones.

Check out the commercial, as well as a promotional banner featuring Ms. Grey below!

Skylar Grey | Beats By Dre ::

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Skylar Grey CDXCVI :: SHOWTIME’s “Our House” WBA Promo w/ Slaughterhouse & Eminem, Cotto v. Trout | Video

SHOWTIME has released a special 2-minute promo for their December 1 WBA (World Boxing Association) Madison Square Garden match between Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout, featuring Our House by Slaughterhouse feat. Skylar Grey & Eminem!

Watch the 2-minute promo via YouTube below.

“Our House” – Cotto v. Trout | SHOWTIME ::

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Skylar Grey CDXCV :: “Clarity (Extended Mix)” by Zedd feat. Foxes | Buy

The Zedd feat. Foxes single “Clarity” (co-written by Ms. Grey, Matthew Koma, and Porter Robinson) has now had it’s official Extended Mix released exclusively on Beatport!

Click below to go to Beatport to preview and purchase the song in MP3, AAC, or full CD-quality WAV format.

Zedd feat. Foxes – “Clarity (Extended Mix)” | Beatport ($2.49) ::

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Skylar Grey CDXCIV :: “Room For Happiness (Above & Beyond Remix)” w/ Kaskade | Buy

The online EDM community has been buzzing about English production trio Above & Beyond’s brand new remix of the fan-favourite Skylar Grey + Kaskade collaboration “Room For Happiness”, which is now available to grab on iTunes!

Click the single artwork below to view the remix on the U.S. iTunes Store.

 Skylar Grey & Kaskade – “Room For Happiness (Above & Beyond Remix)” | $1.29 ::

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Skylar Grey CDXCIII :: “C’mon Let Me Ride” Single Artwork w/ Eminem | Artwork

The single artwork for the December 11 Skylar Grey + Eminem collaboration “C’mon Let Me Ride” has just been posted via Ms. Grey’s official website and Twitter – check it out below!

Skylar Grey feat. Eminem – “C’mon Let Me Ride” Single | Artwork ::

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