Skylar Grey CDXV :: Sundance 2012 20 Questions w/ HollyWire TV | Video

Along with the previously-posted clip, HollyWire has released another video of Chelsea Briggs interviewing Ms. Grey at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival – this time they played a game of 20 Questions, along with revealing what item Ms. Grey stole from the set of the upcoming Room For Happiness video!

Check out the 2-minute video via YouTube below.

Skylar Grey – 20 Questions | HollyWire TV ::

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Skylar Grey CDXIV :: “Room For Happiness” Official Single Release | Download

The official 8-track single for “Room For Happiness” has now officially been released on iTunes! You can grab the single (featuring several brand new remixes) for $0.99 per-track, or only $3.99 for the entire release on iTunes by clicking the artwork below the track listing.

01/ Room For Happiness (Radio Edit) - 3:40
02/ Room For Happiness (Extended) - 6:32
03/ Room For Happiness (Kaskade’s ICE Mix) - 4:54

04/ Room For Happiness (Gregori Klosman Remix) - 5:39
05/ Room For Happiness (Pixl Remix) - 5:38
06/ Room For Happiness (Feenixpawl Remix) - 6:41
07/ Room For Happiness (Mysto & Pizzi Remix) - 6:16
08/ Room For Happiness (Pixel Cheese Remix) - 5:34

Room For Happiness Single | iTunes ($3.99) ::

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Skylar Grey CDXIII :: IDOL Magazine – Issue 3, February 2012 | Photos

The third issue of IDOL Magazine has just been made available, which features an exclusive 3-page photo feature and interview with Ms. Grey! Photography by Emeranie, and interview conducted by music editor Holly Rubenstein.

You may view the complete 3-page spread below – please click each image below to view/download the full-size images! And if you live in the UK, be sure to pick up a physical copy of the magazine as well.

Skylar Grey | IDOL Magazine ::

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Skylar Grey CDXI :: “Room For Happiness (Pixel Cheese Remix)” Preview | Stream

You can check out another 2-minute preview of one of the remixes from the upcoming Skylar Grey + Kaskade “Room For Happiness” single release, this time by Polish DJ/producer Pixel Cheese!

The single will also contain an Extended Fire Mix!

Click below to access the SoundCloud page and stream the preview.

“Room For Happiness (Pixel Cheese Remix)” Preview | SoundCloud ::

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Skylar Grey CDX :: Live @ Marquee w/ Kaskade Review, Haute Living | Photo

Haute Living has posted several photos and an article regarding Ms. Grey‘s Saturday night (February 4) Marquee appearance in Las Vegas with Kaskade, celebrating the upcoming single release of their single “Room For Happiness”! Several celebrities in attendance at the event were Wilmer Valderrama, Joey Fatone, and DJ A-Trak.

Be sure to click below to view all three photos within the article.

Skylar Grey & Kaskade @ Marquee, February 4 | Haute Living ::
“….at Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Kaskade and Skylar Grey celebrated the upcoming release of their single “Room for Happiness” on Saturday night. Skylar treated the audience to a stunning performance of the song in addition to her solo single “Invisible.

Joey Fatone was spotted at a VIP table at Marquee.

Free agent quarterback Donovan McNabb and Marcedes Lewis of the Jacksonville Jaguars were spotted at separate tables in Marquee’s Boom Box room with friends.

Wilmer Valderrama made a late-night stop at Marquee, heading to the club’s Boom Box room to celebrate his 32nd birthday with good friend DJ Fred Matters.

DJ A-Track also was spotted at Marquee late night….”

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Skylar Grey CDIX :: Sundance 2012 Interview w/ HollyWire TV | Video

HollyWire’s Cheslea Briggs sat down with Ms. Grey for another in their series of interviews with her, this time at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. They talked about INVINSIBLE album features, the upcoming music videos for “Room For Happiness”, Love The Way You Lie breaking the Top 100 on iTunes, and one of her favorite Sundance films.

Watch the 3-minute interview via YouTube below!

Skylar Grey – Sundance 2012 Interview | HollyWire TV ::

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Skylar Grey CDVIII :: “Room For Happiness (PIXL Remix)” Preview | Stream

With the single release for “Room For Happiness” fast approaching, DJ/producer PIXL has just released a 3-minute snippet of his official remix for the Skylar Grey + Kaskade track – check out the stream on SoundCloud by clicking below!

“Room For Happiness (PIXL Remix)” Preview | SoundCloud ::

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Skylar Grey CDVII :: Digital Spy’s Playlist: 10 Tracks You Need To Hear

For this week leading out of January and into the February month of the “Room For Happiness” single release, Digital Spy has added the Skylar Grey + Kaskade collaboration to its list of 10 Tracks You Need To Hear!

Read what they said about the track below, and click the article title to view the full list of songs.

10 Tracks You Need To Hear | Digital Spy ::
“….fans of hip-hop emo-ballads will already be well aware of Skylar Grey, but now she plans to spread her wings into dance music; teaming up with American DJ and producer Kaskade on the hazy and hypnotic ‘Room For Happiness’….”

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Skylar Grey CDVI :: “Room For Happiness (Feenixpawl Remix)” Preview | Stream

With the Skylar Grey + Kaskade “Room For Happiness” single planned to be released soon, Kaskade has let loose another 2-minute preview of one of the official remixes set to be included in the release – this time a studio preview of the remix by Feenixpawl that was originally previewed live by Kaskade himself in January.

Click the single’s artwork below the list of announced remixes to access the 2-minute audio stream!

*Feenixpawl Remix
*Gregori Klosman Remix
*PIXL Remix
*Pixel Cheese Remix
*Mysto & Pizzi Remix

“Room For Happiness (Feenixpawl Remix)” Preview | SoundCloud ::

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Skylar Grey CDV :: Sundance 2012 Interview w/ VIBE TV | Video

VIBE TV has posted a video interview with Ms. Grey that they shot while at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival – to view the video interview segment with Ms. Grey and Jenny O, click below and select it from the drop-down menu!

Skylar Grey Sundance Interview | VIBE TV ::

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